“Fine Art Luxury Jewelry” Pins, Chains, Pendants and Buckles are available in My Designs
or Custom Commissioned Designs of Sterling Silver or Gold.

My fine art jewelry is an extension of the miniature fine art I create. Each is created at or smaller than the 1:6 scale recommended by miniature societies throughout the world. Current Items are listed below.

The Joy Beckner Collection of Fine Art Luxury Jewelry

Fine Art Luxury Jewelry in Sterling Silver and Gold created by Joy Beckner

I created these jewelry pieces in wax and had them cast in sterling silver, which has a brilliant shine when new -- as untainted as a newborn baby. You can keep yours that way through regular polishing. Or you can let nature give your piece a rich patina, especially in the recessed areas.

Remember that sterling silver, like all silver, is subject to scratches and may dent if dropped on a hard surface. When handled with love, your sterling JKB jewelry will grow more beautiful with age and provide years of enjoyment.

Most pieces may be customized as a Slide or Pendant/Pin.

Approximate sizes are shown. Sizes are for the art without findings.

Each is signed, numbered, and include my mark.
Joy Beckner Bronze Sculptor

Select Sterling Silver or Gold.

Made in Missouri.