Commission Sculpture by Joy Beckner:

Joy Beckner Bronze Canine Sculptor

I have the good fortune of doing what I love, my dachshunds, and persons respond lovingly to them. In the last five years of showing my dachshund bronzes internationally, I learned that I couldn't be everything to everyone. Occasionally a person comes along who wants a very special piece. That's the kind of commission I do. I consider commissions under the following guidelines.

The subject must excite me and I must visit with it. What thrills me is to make something move in-the-round... to bring smiles, giggles or tears to the eyes of those who see and touch my work. I cannot do that if I'm working from photos of a subject I do not know. If the subject has passed away, I will consider doing a bas-relief.

The client and I must communicate well. In order to make a strong work of art, I retain the rights to determine the composition and to artistic license in all aspects of the design. Once we agree, a letter of understanding to work together is co-signed and a deposit of one-third the total will allow me to start your special sculpture.

Based on our letter of understanding, and on measurements and photos taken during the visit, I create two quick clay sketches, from which the client selects a favorite. When the clay is finished and approved from sight or photographs another one third is due. The balance is due upon delivery. Travel expenses to meet and work from the subject, progress photography, and any sales tax are paid by the client. The client also pays shipping, F.O.B. Loveland, CO.

Bronze Commission Sizes

Dog Head Study
Life-size Large Dog or Smaller Dog.
Life-size Giant Dog.

Dog Figure

Life-size Small Dog - Less than 14" at shoulder.
Life-size Medium Dog - Less than 23" at shoulder.
Life-size Large Dog - Over 23" at shoulder.
Life-size Giant Dog - Over 29" at shoulder.

Human Figure with Dog

Life-size or 1/2 life-size.

Human Portrait Bust


Human Full Length



Less than life-size

A second subject in the same sculpture increases the fee by 50%. Any size human portrait is available. The fee is relative. Special basing may increase costs from those which will be quoted when you contact me.

Because of the time required for making your initial sculpture and the cost of the mold for your sculpture, I review the project for the possibility of making an edition of the piece, which may reduce your quoted costs. I retain the right to determine if an edition is feasible and what size the edition will be. A rare breed of dog and most humans shall be considered one-of-a-kind sculptures. Commissions require at least nine to twelve months to create.

I look forward to helping you realize your favorite subject in bronze. All the best to you!