Customer Testimonials: Sculptor Joy Beckner

Here are a few lovely testimonials that customers have been kind enough to send. All are unsolicited and from the heart. Please forgive me if I missed your thoughts. If you have anything you would like to add, please let me know.
My friend, sculptor Veryl Goodnight wrote, "Art is completed by the viewer." I love when collectors share stories and reactions about my work, and, sometimes, what they have named it! This is when the piece becomes very personal to them.
Several stories are about the reactions of children that remind me of Art Linkletter's, Kids Say the Darndest Things. Oops! I am dating myself. Enjoy!

  • BIG HEART Gordon Setter: "Mary loves the sculpture and it was a really powerful and emotional part of our family celebration. Thank you so much!” Mark
  • TROUPER Gordon Setter: 5”x7” oval bas-relief portrait, “Rachel is thrilled with her ‘Trouper’." Thank you, Melissa and Kevin.
  • SUNNYSIDE UP, Smooth 1:6 Scale: “Sarah loves the bronze we dubbed, ‘Teckle Time’.“ Thank you, Mathew!
  • COZY, Long 1:6 Scale: Caroline writes, “I absolutely love my little “Cozy.” I couldn’t be more thrilled with it and it blends well with my other pups from you. Thank you! Thank you so much! Seeing all the little pups make my heart happy.” Thank you!
  • COZY, Smooth 1:6 Scale: "Cozy" arrived today safe and sound. Exquisite artistry as always! A wonderful addition to my family of minis! Claire
  • COZY, Smooth 1:6 Scale: Hello Joy - Oh my gosh!!!! It is beautiful!!! It is exactly as my guys lie together. I love watching them interact. The love you have for your dogs truly shines through in this piece. Thank you so much! Denise
  • COZY, Smooth 1:6 Scale: Dear Joy, I just opened your package and 'Cozy' took my breath away! I am amazed at the skill, beauty, and grace in such a small package. I love the two patinas...your patina person did a great job. It has a lovely presence and I am thrilled with it. Thank you! Best wishes to you and yours, Steven
  • MERRY SUNSHINE (quarter life) arrived today! Woohoo! I’m so excited! I ended up purchasing a display cabinet for her with a light. It is just spectacular! I had just won a basket full of miniature Golden carvings and a couple of Canada geese at the National Specialty so they are on the top two shelves & “Merry Sunshine” is on the middle shelf right at eye level. I had to call my girl friend, Ruth over to see her right away. I told her I had a new puppy. Bobbi in Arizona.
  • MERRY SUNSHINE (life size) is Amazing; have to find that perfect place to in our home for her. Everyone who has seen her loves her. The Puppymaster, NY
  • MISS ME, MS - I just wanted to let you know that we received our Miss Me today . . . And she's beautiful. She reminds us exactly of Moji's signature self back rub. We love her. She'll have a wonderful home with us. Kurt
  • SIESTA, MS and SQUIRREL SEASON SMOOTH - Our lovely sculptures came today and we couldn’t wait to open the boxes. They are too beautiful for words. Thank you for sending them so quickly. Fondly, Gayle and John, Biggles, Brody, Cricket
  • DREAMING OF TOMATOES, MS ~ She is here!! Sleeping on my windowsill in our kitchen!! She arrived in perfect condition!! Thanks again, she will be loved!! Suzanne, TX
  • PALS, WIRE ~ "Joy: I'm sitting here at my breakfast room table playing with 'Sunnyside Up' and 'Life's a Ball' like a little boy re-arranging toy soldiers. These two pieces should ALWAYS be sold as a matched pair. What fun!!! Thanks again." John O., Shreveport, LA
  • SO GOOD TO SEE YOU, LONG 1:6 ~ Dear Joy, I am pleased to tell you that I received "Wee George" today. He has been in the U.K. for a few days, but I had to wait until he was cleared at Customs and I had paid for it before he was delivered. He is absolutely beautiful and I am delighted with him. Graham and I are going up to the Highlands for a few days and will be taking the real George with us.
    Thank you so much for the time and effort in shipping the sculpture to me - it has been a pleasure dealing with you.
    Best Wishes, Frances and Graham and George xx, Glasgow, Scotland
  • SWEET ROLL 1:6 ~ "Dearest Joy, My precious little Sweet Roll arrived all safe and sound in the mail on November 23! She is beautiful!! My little Thelma did exactly that tonight -- rolled over just like Lizzie and Sophie! I am so pleased to have my third Joy Beckner dachsie! Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! More later," Leann, Noodle, and Thelma, CA
  • SWEET ROLL 1:6 ~ "Joy, Sweet Roll arrived yesterday, and she is wonderful! Thank you," Mark M., TX.
  • DELI'S OPEN, SMOOTH 1:6 ~ "Oh Joy, it is spectacular. I wish I had the grillions to buy a big one. You are truly THE artist for this amazing breed. I adore it! Adore it! Thank you so much. See you at DCA!!!! Love," Sheila P., CA.
  • SUNNYSIDE UP, SMOOTH 1:6 ~ "Dear Joy, The little boy (Sunnyside Up) has arrived and he is handsome. Thank you," Nathalie C. United Kingdom.
  • SUNNYSIDE UP, SMOOTH 1:6 ~ "Oh Joy! My Sunny has arrived just now! I kissed his little head as soon as I opened him. Sunny is so very beautiful. He means a great deal to me, and I just love him. You have made me very happy. I haven't decided on his resting place…I am trying him everywhere, but mostly I just like to hold him in my hand for now. O Happy Day!!! Thank You Again!" Donna M, TX.
  • LORD OF THE COUCH, MW ~ "Hello Joy, I have received, 'Lord of the Couch' yesterday; it's a lovely dog, quiet and not barking. I am very happy with him. I already love the Dog, I wish you all the best and good health, many thanks." Louis C., The Netherlands.
  • LORD OF THE COUCH, WIRE 1:6 ~ "Hi Joy, Have just received my Bronze. He is lovely and I am very pleased with him. Thank you. In haste, it is our Specialty show weekend and I am show chair so am very busy." Chris C., Canada
  • DREAMING OF TOMATOES, MS ~ "I love it, I love it, I love it. Thank you so much. Now I have to go play with it." Mary K. MN.
  • A GOOD LIFE, LONG 1:6 ~ "Joy, Joy, Joy!! My new puppies arrived earlier today in excellent shape and I am so much in love with everything you have created for me. Not a flaw and they take my breath away each time I look at "So Good to See You" on my beloved dog's favorite spot and "A Good Life" coming to life with "DOT" nearby. Love," Drew D., OH.
  • SIESTA, SMOOTH, 1:6 ~ "Dear Joy, I received my "Siesta" on Thursday. I love, love, love it!! You're an amazing artist. I'll cherish my two Joy Kroeger Beckner sculptures forever! Thank you for the publications too. I haven't had a chance to read them, but intend to very soon. Take care." Diane D., MI.
  • SQUIRREL SEASON, LONG ~ "I remember the first time I saw Squirrel Season in the smooth, I was instantly drawn to it. After picking up my SS (Long) bookends at DCA in Dallas and getting them home to my coffee table (and dachshund books to be held up), I can hardly remember now, a time without them. Every time I look that way, they catch my eye, and I can admire them a little differently, from any angle. They bring much "JOY" to my very busy life, but they also remind me to occasionally slow down and to stop and appreciate the beauty in life. To that I owe you many thanks for sharing your talents!Thanks Joy, and I hope you are wrapping up a wonderful summer!" Sandy A., IN.
  • DREAMING OF TOMATOES, LONG 1:6 ~ "Hi Joy, I was so MOVED when I unwrapped my new DOT and I couldn't believe my eyes at first. The facial expression, the way the ears curled and the line of the curled body reminded me so much of my favorite dachshund. I was so touched while the tears were flowing down my face with happiness. I had to really study the piece to believe that my day had arrived. The fine details of the hair, facial expression, outline of the head & body of DOT are so soft and outstanding. The color of the patina makes the body look so's unbelievable. I just cannot get my eyes off it. I just kept walking around it, looking at it from different angles and it is so amazing to see how the light shone on the body including [in] the shadow...I just cannot describe how I's so breathtaking and out of the world. Gosh, I can hardly wait for the other two pieces to be done especially for me to figure out how to display my new DOT and A Good Life together. I have a place for my So Good To See You which was my dog's favorite spot and it would help me greatly to know that I have a company in the house!!

  • "Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your time, skilled craftsmanship, and keen eyes to produce this gorgeous DOT, Long. It definitely was worth the long wait!! I will NOT have any problem being patient for the other two! Smile!! Thank you a million for making my whole year!" Caroline D. OH.
  • "I absolutely love my little DOT. It's sitting on my desk by the computer so I can see it everyday. I am waiting for A Good Life, Long to arrive so I can brainstorm for a clever way of displaying the two together. The details on my DOT are so unbelievable even I can see the face on the bottom. So unique!! Thanks for everything!" Caroline D., OH

  • NATASHA ~ "I love my Natasha so much that my wife gets jealous. Thank you for that. Regards," Isaac K., CA.
  • INSPIRATION SMOOTH, Pewter ~ "The most beautiful pewter dachsie ornament arrived all safe and sound in the mail on March 15! What a gorgeous piece -- I love it! I have hung it on the chandelier above my dining room table with other dachsie and UCLA pieces hanging there! Leann
  • DREAMING OF TOMATOES, MS ~ "You did it Joy! (and UPS did, of course). I didn't wait till I was at home to unpack her (I'm still at work now)... She's BEAUTIFULL !! Thank you, thank you thank you! Big Hugs! Yvonne, Holland.
  • DREAMINIG OF TOMATOES, MS ~ "Boy… isn't DOT just wonderful? (I am looking at the picture now..) And just like that.… I got tears in my eyes. Emotion. So that's what your work can do to people. You must be a great artist. Well, off course you are, but do you realize that? Ah well, surely I am not the first to tell you this. I am so glad we have the use of the internet now… otherwise I would have never known there was someone who created such lovely pieces. (and, I couldn't have bought one!) So thank you! Take care!" Yvonne, Holland.
  • DREAM CHASER, LONG ~ "Joy, I love it. It is just so beautiful and just so real looking. I love the look of the dog trotting and you really captured the trot. So I am so pleased but I am wondering if one should keep it behind glass or what. I have been going on line and most say to dust it once a week with a natural brush and other things also. So how do you feel about the way it is displayed. I want it to be beautiful for the rest of my life. I am asking as this is the first time I have had anything so expensive as well as a piece of art. SO I am open to suggestions to maintain it. Hope you will consider doing more longhairs doxies in the future as I am not really interesting in buying ordinary stuff and [but, in] getting wonderful pieces of yours. So keep up the work and longhairs also. Once again, thank you for your talent. It is sitting on the mantle in our family room and we get to see it all day long. Linda R., TX.
  • LORD OF THE COUCH, SMOOTH 1:6 ~ "Hi Joy!I received my "Lady" of the Couch yesterday and am in love. I plan to wrap it and give it to myself from my baby girl on Christmas morning. Thanks so much. I am so proud to own a piece of your work. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year." B. Griggs, AL.
  • OVER THE RAINBOW ~ "Dear Joy, Our very beautiful Rainbows has reached us here in Sydney in completely perfect condition ... What can we say! Marie is quite overcome! We are absolutely enchanted by your artistry ... Rainbows has been placed on a plain wall overlooking our exquisite Circular Quay waterfront. Johnson used to lie in the cool here and contemplate the shipping movements (and his tucker).
    For some events words are insufficient. Rainbows is just such a happening. Thank you Joy ... With our special thoughts and our very best wishes from down under ... Grahame and Marie, Australia."
  • DREAMING OF TOMATOES, LONG 1:6 ~ "Dear Joy, The package arrived in perfect shape. You wrapped everything so carefully. Thank you so much. The sculpture is beautiful. The little bronze "fellow" looks as plump as my Sugus after his vacation at my too-well-meaning friends. It will give me much pleasure and make me smile for a long time after my Sugus is back to a slimmer version of himself. Thank you again. Most cordially," Brigitte D., VA.
  • LIFE'S A BALL! 1:6 ~ "Thank you, Joy! We love "Life´s a Ball" and are so proud to have one of your fantastic sculptures! It is just wonderful! So sorry to hear about your loss [of Edgar]. A Merry Christmas to you - and your family!" Greger [Hellem], Norway.
  • BIG HEART ~ Dear Joy, I was so excited to meet Big Heart that the first thing I did upon arriving home was set him free from his package. I was so happy to see my new mate in full glory; he is handsome and his pose and character are so recognizable! As long as I live he will get any place that he likes best and a caress every now and then. Joy, THANK YOU VERY MUCH for putting everything in him that I appreciate so much!!! Sander de Hass, The Netherlands
  • SQUIRREL SEASON SMOOTH ~ "Oh Joy! The photos don't do your (now, MINE, all mine) "Squirrel Season" bookends justice. They are absolutely exquisite -- They are all heart. I love their earnest expression, flapping ears and, of course, THE PAWS. That chattering squirrel doesn't stand a chance against this mighty pair. I am finding it hard to look elsewhere. Your art makes me very happy. Also, thanks so much for the written materials. I look forward to dipping into it. Best," ALF Swenson, TX
  • SQUIRREL SEASON SMOOTH ~ "Hi Joy, Good morning. Squirrel Season arrived at my office yesterday. I had to wait until that evening to open the box. Fantastic! I love this pair. They have so much spirit. Thank you so very VERY much! The detail is beyond belief. I was carrying the female piece to another room last night and noticed the pads on her paws. Adorable. I guess I won't be needing that shipping box for return. Of course, I never considered returning this piece even before it arrived. Love it, love it, love it! Your work is flawless. And the pictures you post accurately capture the detail and attitude of each piece. Thank you again. Have a great day! All the best." Susan Berg, Bakersfield, CA
  • BIG HEART ~ "Oh Joy, Remington is magnificent. The patina looks spectacular. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!" Barbara, Macallan, Duncan the BAD DOG, and the spirit of Remington, Washington, DC
  • BIG HEART ~ A nice exchange with a friend who knew and loved Remington and who loves his heirs. I had not thought about him sitting in a breeze but it's a good thought. Barbara "This looks like he's sitting in the breeze and regal is absolutely the right word." DS Barbara wrote: "It is a pose taken from real life. Remington used to sit on the bench on the deck in that pose, looking very regal. I have a wonderful photograph of him. He was about 18 months old in this picture." "Barbara, I think he's beautiful, but the tilt of his head and the body that looks like it's considering the world and what to do in it makes me cry. I can't wait to rub it," DS
  • BIG HEART ~ "OH MY GOD it is simply breathtaking!!!! I'll forward it to all of my Gordon friends for you!" Sue [Susan Drum, Editor of the Gordon Setter Club of America Newsletter]
  • BIG HEART ~ "Thanks so much for including me on the Gordon email....the black & tan patina is wonderful! Congrats on your progress with it, the piece is beautiful!" [Sandy used to show Gordon Setters.] Sandy Arnold, Jarbsy Dachshunds, Bloomington, IN
  • SWEET ROLL, SS ~ "I can not tell you how much Sweet Roll makes me smile every time I walk by. I told Randy the other day, I believe that my preference on art is sculpture. We have several...a garden piece, lamps and of course, Sweet Roll, and I smile every time I look at them. We have many pieces of artwork on the walls and I like them, but they do not give me the joy that the sculptures bring...especially Sweet Roll! Can't wait to see what you will have this time. Happy trails," Susan Watts
    "Just walked past Sweet Roll and smiled. I want you to know that EVERY time I walk past it I smile! I walk by it about 50 times a day so I'm always smiling! Hopefully you will be at the DCA in Frederick, MD in 09 because I'm hoping to purchase another piece! Thanks again for bringing some smiles into our home!" Susan Watts
  • SWEET ROLL, SS ~ "1/20 went to a lovely gal from Spartanburg, SC who said you absolutely captured the heart and soul of her beloved pet!" Chaparral Fine Art, Bozeman, MT.
  • SWEET ROLL Smooth 1:6 Scale ~ "Sweet roll is going to make a lovely addition to our household and to my collection of dachshunds. David is trying to get a photo of Tracey rolling in the snow as I write to you. Lucy, our lab cross, makes snow angels daily but catching Tracey will be a bit trickier. Have a safe trip to Mexico. A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. All my love," Bonnie.
  • SWEET ROLL Smooth 1:6 Scale ~ "She is as lovely in person as in the pictures. Thank you so much." Kitty Johnson
  • SUNNYSIDE UP, SS ~ " 'Amos' just showed up---he is WONDERFUL!!!!" S. Sinclair, TX
  • SIESTA, SS ~ "Got her--she is wonderful also!!!" S. Sinclair, TX
  • SIESTA, MS ~ "Hello Joy, I just wanted you to know I got Siesta today. I am very pleased. It looks so much like my old fellow that passed a couple years ago. I have placed it in a chair in my living room that Noble often sat in. It brings happy memories of Noble sleeping in the chair. Thank You so much," James Hall
  • SIESTA LONG 1:6 Scale ~ "Siesta Long came a few days ago - I love it!!!! It's gorgeous! Becky Stephens, WA.
  • SIESTA LONG 1:6 Scale ~ Joy, Cate cried. That says it all, except for her question to me which was "How did you get Nick to pose for that sculpture?" She loves the portability of the 1:6 miniature and actually loves to hold it in her hand. A BIG hit! Thanks again for all your help and also for the magazines and other materials. I'm sure that our paths will cross again soon. Carole Lefcourte 8/06
  • NEWSLETTER ~ "Joy, I just read thru your newsletter. It's wonderful, newsy, and all those good things. I always enjoy your newsletters. The photos are beautiful. The story you reported from Diane Jones and the friend's house fire and no will, etc. was a good reminder. Similarly, I met with 8 single ladies about 2 months ago wherein we were discussing things we need to remember to do (wills, passports, travel check lists, funeral plans, etc., etc. -- all those things we keep forgetting or putting off. And I'm still putting off some of them (esp. the funeral plan. Our church even has a work sheet to make it easier and I keep delaying). Strength for the journey." Dee, Colorado Springs, CO.
  • NEWSLETTER ~ "Thanks for the newsletter! I did receive two of them though, both at Dream Chasers address. You must have the most amazing yard and garden space--sounds wonderful! I'd love to see more of it, if you're inclined to share photos sometime : ). I'm really looking forward to seeing the Gordon Setter! Your textures have such a fine sense of drawing about them, it will be interesting to see how you've broadened your style in yet another direction...Nice to see you, as always, and say hi to Brian. Have a safe and happy trip!" Nancy
  • NEWSLETTER ~ "What a great newsletter! Of course, Joy, I have known of your fabulous work but I had NO idea the extent to which you reach people. Congratulations! Of very special joy to me is your description of your garden and the area where you live. So very, very beautiful. Thanks for sharing all this with me. Love," Charlotte
  • LIFE'S A BALL SMOOTH 1:6 Scale ~ "I hope that everything is fine with you and your pets. I believe that you will like a photo enclosed. It is a small tombstone standing in our backyard on a place where Ferda was buried. All the best to you from Prague!" Mirek & Jarka. 7.3.03.
  • LIFE'S A BALL, SS! ~ "'Life's a Ball!' MAKES our garden!" Fran Baker, Norfolk, VA.
  • SO GOOD TO SEE YOU, SS ~ "We continue to admire Ava every day. (We named our 'So Good,' Ava because she has the beauty and poise of Ava Gardner.) She is a delightful addition to our home. And, she generates many comments and compliments." Kirk Boersma, OK.
  • SO GOOD TO SEE YOU, MS ~ "Thanks Joy. I hope this finds you well. I have been meaning to tell you that a member of our family (no names, please) sat yelling for Phoebe to "come" to go outside for a potty break. Several times you hear, 'Phoebe, come, COME! Damn dog! come!' Then, stomp, stomp, stomp over to ... the bronze! Maybe we need glasses or it really is very realistic! Phoebe was already outside, like the good girl she is. Take care." Cindy, Boulder, CO
  • SO GOOD TO SEE YOU, MS ~ "Thanks Joy. I have to tell you about our "pretty girl" as we call the bronze you did. I had a friend and her 3 year old son over. The grandfather has a mini dachshund. This little boy, Nolan, spent so much time "petting" our pretty girl; it was a hoot. He finally said, "mom, this is my favorite dog. It lets me pet it and it doesn't lick my mouth". It was too cute." Take care, Cindy, Boulder, CO.
  • SO GOOD TO SEE YOU, MS ~ I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know that So Glad to See You arrived tonight. I was so excited to unpack her and carefully (oh so very carefully) pull her from her box. I love -- no -- I adore her! She is breathtaking. And so very heavy. I have been carrying her around the house trying to find the right spot for her. Not sure yet. She'll probably get moved around from place to place until I find the perfect spot to do her justice. Thank you so very much. I am so happy to finally welcome her home. Have a wonderful weekend. Susan Berg, Bakersfield, CA
  • SO GOOD TO SEE YOU 1:6 Scale ~ "Just wanted to let you know that 'So Good' arrived felt like Christmas when I saw your beautifully wrapped package. The girls are keeping company in my Ruby corner of the family room ... where Ruby will watch over them. It has been a real pleasure 'meeting you' and I look forward to seeing more of your work and adding to my collection." Claire Mailhiot, CA.
  • SO GOOD TO SEE YOU 1:6 Scale ~ My wife was overwhelmed with emotion when she opened the birthday gift. I have never given her something which elicited such a strong reaction. I'd say it was a hit. Thank you for your help in making this a truly memorable birthday celebration. S. Hines
  • SO GOOD TO SEE YOU 1:6 Scale ~ "She is so beautiful! Just to touch and hold her brought tears to my eyes! Really. Even though my Amelia is a long, this bronze reminds me so much of her! I think she was oxygen-deprived at birth due to a C-section required only for her. She reminds me so much of those special Downs Syndrome children who are especially sweet, yet so concrete in their comprehension. Amelia is just gorgeous, especially the neck and headset -- even if rather simple, behaviorally, in some ways. Now I will always have a special reminder of my special girl. Thank you for bringing ongoing delight to my life with this latest bronze! It's a treasure." Eleanor Ruth Robins, Hounslow Dachshunds, Louisville, KY.
  • SO GOOD TO SEE YOU 1:6 Scale ~ Joy, I'm all teared up. These little babies are so beautiful in every way. You are an absolutely wonderful artist and have really captured the hearts and souls of these little doxies. Everything is just perfect. It is going to be very difficult to wait until May 12. I know that Walter will tear up on this one, too. Thank you for the great packaging and all the great materials. The little guys will always have a loving home. Thank you for your quick response and attention to detail in getting everything together for me. Warm regards, Linda D.,TX.
  • DEAR TO MY HEART, Three-Dimensional Pendant: Dachshund Wire Coat ~ "I LOVE to stroke the head!" exclaims Nola Patient of Manitowoc, WI, about her sterling pendant. Nola, a breeder of standard wire-haired dachshunds, said the piece has a true "pharaoh head," which is a head with an expression that says, 'I am the king. I allow you in my circle to adore me.'"Of course, Nola believes there are two kinds of dogs: Wires and those who wish they were Wires. She loves the smoothness of muscle from head to neck and wishes she could follow the line through the shoulders. For that muscle-stroking experience, I suggest "Dream Chaser-Wire," for those who love Wires.
  • DEAR TO MY HEART, Three-Dimensional Pendant: Dachshund Wire Coat ~ "He arrived and is wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Amy Loewen, Lake Oswego, OR.
  • DEAR TO MY HEART, Perfect Profile Pendant/Slide: Dachshund Wire Coat ~ "Joy, PERFECTION - I can't take my fingers off it. I just want to hold it and never put it down - which may sound funny, but there is something so perfect about the weight and the textures combined. I will be wearing this non stop. I ADORE you and have never met you - but this is a superb introduction, and goes straight to the heart. Thank you for such a lovely treasure." Ellen Morrison.
  • DREAM CHASER LONG ~ "I received your packet, and I have to tell you that the collection of materials is as professional, complete, and interesting as any I have received from an artist, or anyone else for that matter. Compared to the rest of my known universe, you are an absolute pleasure to deal with!" Don Rogers, Evergreen, CO.
  • DREAM CHASER LONG ~ "Thank you SOOOO much for my new treasure, I am again in love or remain in love with your work. Number 4 sets proudly and I move the base ever so slightly every time I walk by so I may see the entire presence he gives. I have no favorite view, each one is a special treat and I will enjoy him forever. Again, thank you for this special gift of your work. Mary B. 7/25/01
  • DREAM CHASER SMOOTH ~ "My 'Dream Chaser' is living in a loving home and sits on the window sill which looks out over the valley, trees, fields and houses dotted about. I seem to have become all lyrical!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I look forward to receiving the 'adoption' papers. Regards," Lovaine Coxon, Dachshund Judge, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England.
  • DREAMING OF TOMATOES, MS ~ We love our "Dreaming of Tomatoes." It's on the coffee table in the family room, where we can reach out and give it a pet when we're all gathered. Cyrus and Lex sniffed it all over. Hi to Edgar and Sophie! Regards, Palmer Blakley, IL.
  • DREAMING OF TOMATOES 1:6 Scale ~ "My 'Dreaming' is the best gift I ever got. We have a daily ritual you should know about; Stanley constantly curls himself up like a croissant and we say to each other, 'Look, he's dreaming of tomatoes!!' " Heidi Slimm, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
  • DREAMING OF TOMATOES 1:6 Scale ~ "I have more than 25 bronzes ranging from the very small to ones that dominate a room. Dreaming of Tomatoes is my youngest (2 years old) daughter's absolute favorite.... by far. In fact, she carries it around and sings to it continuously. I'd be concerned, if it were not for the fact that she treats it like a delicate flower. It is truly precious to watch. I was writing to ask if you have any other miniatures available? I would be interested in getting her another as a keep-sake. Thanks. Hope you are well," W. Petruski
  • DREAMING OF TOMATOES, SS ~ "She is here and, she's glorious! I placed her on a large pillow. I cannot get over how beautiful she is. I am soooooooo happy. Thank you." Sally A. Lynch, NYC.
  • DREAMING OF TOMATOES, SS ~ "Our 'Dreaming' was really very tired when I took her out of her crate. We fed her with love and kisses and provided a nice blanket. She has such a beautiful coat, and very nice ears. She certainly reminds me of our Gretal. I am waiting for her to awaken, but don't want to disturb her. We certainly will enjoy having her in the living room at cocktail time. You do good work, but I hope she doesn't bark at night!!! The 'love and kisses' we gave her earlier seemed to satisfy her (quench her thirst, so to speak.) Regards, the new parents." Martin & Donna Stearns, SC.
  • DIMINUTIVE DACHSHUNDS 1:6 Scale ~ "I just love my diminutive dachshunds. What a surprise! I never thought I would actually see them, let alone own them. Thank you so much. Your work has brought me so much joy." Rosemary Fink, MA.
  • MINIATURE BRONZES 1:6 Scale ~ "I am delighted with the beautiful, miniature bronzes I ordered. As captivating as they appeared on your website, I was startled by how much more lifelike they are in my home! 'Dreaming of Tomatoes,' is already Nora's favorite. When I look at 'Life's a Ball!' and 'So Good to See You,' I wonder if they are going to come to life. Nora and I agree that 'A Good Life' captures the essence of our own little 'Pepper.' It has been a pleasure working with you. I appreciate your taking the time to describe the various patinas to me. I knew I couldn't go wrong allowing the artist's eye to select a pleasing combination for us. I look forward to following your work and hope, one day, to return to buy one of your life-sized pieces." Ron Winder, Manassas, VA.
  • A GOOD LIFE, SS ~ "SHE IS BEAUTIFUL!! FANTASTIC! You sure know your dachshunds - it captures the beauty and joy of the animal. However, I think Deckle is a little jealous/uncertain; she is curled up on the couch watching 'A Good Life' and me. It will take some time to introduce the new arrival. Thanks again." Linda Locher, Shenandoah, VA.
  • Dachshund Definitions - Sizes and Coats
    SS: Standard Smooth
    SW: Standard Wirehair
    SL: Standard Longhair
    MS: Miniature Smooth
    MW: Miniature Wirehair
    ML: Miniature Longhair
    1:6 Scale: Fits in a hand
    Pieces may be commissioned in Smooth, Wire or Long coat.